Soy Milk for President


As I was eating my cereal (at the office) for breakfast recently, I started reading the carton of my Silk Soymilk – and I was blown away.

It read like a stump speach for the Organic Party of America’s 2008 Primary Convention:

America Was Built with Achievement and Energy, Determination and Will. And It all Began with One Thing: BREAKFAST.Yes, breakfast. Can you cross icy mountains without fuel? Can you build railroads, cities and bridges without physical energy? We fed dreams with breakfast and soon they developed into reality.

But as America grew up, things happened faster. Our lives got busier. Breakfast – the most important meal of the day – became the last thing we grabbed as we ran out the door. Well, it’s time to take breakfast back.

Not to the big breakfast of the past, but to a better breakfast: a leaner, simpler foundation for your day. With less cholesterol and more laughter. Less fat, more idealism. And more time to think about what the day might bring – and what you might bring to the day.

This better breakfast exists right now, fueling the days, the hopes and the achievements of millions of Americans.

It’s Breakfast Again in America. Silk. Rise and Shine.

Wow. Pretty inspiring – and over the top – stuff (watch out Karl Rove and James Carville these Soy foklks are hot). And it doesn’t stop there.

Elsewhere on the carton they cover Foreign Policy (reaching out a double edged olive branch);

“Legend tells us soy was discovered in China by two bandits who survived in the desert by eating soybeans.”

Energy Policy:

The whole thing is powered by Wind Power

Social Security, Taxes and the Deficit:

It’s Free! Silk Soymilk is free of lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, peanuts, MSG and worries. You still have to pay for it though.

And they seem to understand Get out the vote – Chicago Style:

Shake Well and Buy Often

Not sure how much more Soy this sells but it sure is fun reading.