SWik – A Wiki as a Marketplace


Here is a very cool thing. It’s called SWik. It’s a Wiki for open source projects from SourceLabs (one of our portfolio companies). You can put any open source projects you want up there, tagged, searchable, rss’ed, browsable. Open place for Opensource.

Lot’s of folks love it:

It really does seem to reinforce the idea of the internet being kind of a fourth place and the other ideas about how the web and open source close the gap between people and the places/people they buy stuff from:
* Cluetrain = markets are conversations between sellers and buyers
* Hughtrain = products are conversations between providers and consumers
* Starbucks = a store can a place to be not just to buy things; a 3rd place (beyond home and work)
* The 4th Place = your service/the internet itself could be a place; not just to find/buy stuff; but a place to go, a place where these conversations happen

We all know Wikipedia as a marketplace of information, but I really like what these guys are doing to make a Wiki an open marketplace of work.

And yes, I’m biased.