Beauty Gets “Real” in China too



We have already written and talked about how much we like the The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

It is cool to see them extend it and localize it around the world. They are doing much the same in China. And the ads are everywhere. Love the imagery and continue to love the campaign.

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November 04, 2005

Advertising in the toilet – not down necessarily “down the tubes”


More on this topic of media/ad ubiquity in China. One of the things my kids really noted was the – ehem – toilets in China. They were fascinated by the rating system of stars for toilets. Click here for a wonderful guide to beijing toilets and their ratings:

Don’t go to China fearing the toilets. This may make it sound bad but really its not. Another good idea is to go into five-star hotels or restaurants to use the facilities – they are generally up to or above western standards.

You don’t need to hear about my kid’s jokes of what a one star toilet is, but wow were they impressed with what they call the 6 star bathrooms. A bathroom with a TV? “Dad, why don’t we have TVs in our bathrooms at home?”

Next thing you know you will be connected with broadband internet so you can shop with eBay (or AliBaba) or do a little blogging while you – ehem – wait.

For more on this important topic check out the China daily: