Three Vehicles, One Planet. Zero Clarity


Was walking through O’Hare airport yesterday and was barraged by huge banners and signs everywhere forToyota’s new campaign pushing their Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The banners and adds had the above huge logo and only four words:

Three Vehicles
One Planet

Now some folks, seem to like this campaign (Mark at Being Reasonable likes it), and I know I havent seen it all. But I have to admit to be completely confused and annoyed by what I saw.

I mean, this is the US. Why do they say “Vehicle”? How about “Car” or “Truck”? Are they selling motorcycles, Segways, boats, rickshaws?

This logo as the only visual? Using the fancy secret sauce “Hybrid Synergy Drive” as the only visual or evidence may be mysterious but where the heck is the benefit or the proof?

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I think direct promises are good. Why not:

More speed
Less gas
Cleaner Air

Toyota Hybrids: No Compromises

Simple and clear (can’t really say “Cheaper” – I priced a Highlander Hybrid and boy was it steep). And how about showing us what these mysterious vehicles look like. There seems to be a reason car ads have had cars on them for a hundred years.