If Nothing Else, Ads Can Be Entertaining


Despite all our commentary about how questionable the impact of big ad dollars might be, I have to admit commercials can still be a a heck of a lot of fun to watch. We loved the Big Ad.

We recently met with Flixpo, “The Internet’s largest collection of free iPod and PSP downloads.” They are doing interesting stuff. Worth checking out.

One thing to note is the clips they have lots of ads. Some are hilarious, others are downright obscene (but of course you will check them out anyway – esp. the IKEA one – who said sex doesn’t sell)

(Of course, note, we also recently met with some folks from AOL – and let me tell you their SuperBowl ad sitewas just as important as the SuperBowl game itself – and that’s not just because I’m a bitter Seahawks fan).