Blackmagic proves (in another market) that a simple, focused product can win

It’s a subtle kind of stealth play, but Blackmagic at $3K for a medium resolution (2.5K lines) (like the iPhone in the phone market before it) proves that in a crowded market with clear needs, that a simple, low-cost product focused on simplicty can win. It is a simple box but has the right features (RAW format a little bit better than 1080p now know as 2K) but it has an SSD, uses someone elses lenses (Leica and Canon) and has Thunderbolt.

Another good sign for new entrants, do something simple that fits at a great price point and the internet will take over and sell it for you…

Canon recognised a need for large sensor cinema cameras but priced them for Hollywood and left DSLRs to rot. With Canon it seems they have tunnel vision. The announcement of the 4K DSLR with no 4K 25p, only 24p proves this. Nobody outside Hollywood or Japan exists! It is like building a car for a worldwide market and having it leave the factory with 3 wheels. Some, like Nikon, took 3 years to realise there was even a market! Some like Red aimed at the market but failed and went back to the Hollywood glitterati, their natural home. Blackmagic Design meanwhile could so easily have priced this raw camera at $10,000 and still sell out but the fact they didn’t is hugely significant.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera may well clean up. DSLRs have a serious rival now.