Kickstarter…another way to test ideas.

Most of the buzz about Kickstarter has been about how it allows companies to start without venture money. To us though, it is really about something that is more fundamental. It is a way to test market an idea and also to refine the product before you inuvest the dollars. I’d put a company on kickstarter just to see what the response is and also to get some enthusiasts to help you design the product. It is a great way to get a stealth play off the ground.

So for example, using an iPod nano as a watch is a good example. They needed $10k and raised more than $900K. But the bigger import is understanding that people want gadgets like this. 

The D16 is another example. It is a low cost camera in the tradition of 16mm cameras. Not every filmmaker can afford a $30K Canon C100 camera, so like the old days of 16mm, they have found a stealth play that undercuts the traditional and very expensive Sony, Canon and Red hegenomy.