Small volume manufacturing

In the new world, so often software has to get integrated into hardware. It’s one of toughest things to do.

As soon as you get to a single physical piece you have inventory risk and also almost everything is contract manufacturing and that means a trip to China. Finding a partner there is just so difficult.

It was interesting to see how many folks are around that can help like and of course maker faire. Just shows that there is lots of interest in low cost manufacturing and this cross over between hardware and software.

There isn’t as they say an review site for factories which is is what makes it hard.

Makes me want to do anything that minimizes risk like the $10m contributed to the pebble watch. Quite a few have broken a million dollars. Watches have been hot.

Quirky also takes ideas and tries to manufacture and promote it.

Others are Oya which is a local game console company. The Form1 which is a 3D printer.