Who the heck are we?

authorsJohn Zagula and Rich Tong have worked together for years trying to make marketing simpler and more effective. And more recently on helping new companies capture and keep the lead in their markets.

Rich Tong worked at Microsoft for 12 years, where – as VP of Marketing and Business Development for Microsoft Windows, Office and BackOffice – he lead the marketing pushes behind many of Microsoft’s most successful businesses. Rich is a general partner and one of the founders at Ignition Partners, a venture capital firm. His area of focus there is on telecommunications, consumer and small business software. You can also find him ruminating on familygeeky things and world events

John Zagula spent eight years at Microsoft, where he developed the Microsoft Office brand and marketed the desktop and server application product lines. Before that he held several marketing roles at American Express. John is also a partner at Ignition and he invests in enterprise software and services as well as consumer and small business companies. His random thoughts can be found onZagula.com


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